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Bambi’s Hope Rescue is an all breed dog and cat rescue. As part of a huge network here in Southern California we are committed to saving and protecting the lives of stray and abandoned companion animals and ones at-risk of euthanasia at shelters that are high volume and high kill as well as rescuing from abusive situations.

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Our mission is to prevent animal cruelty, educate the public, and rescue, protect and re-home unwanted, abused and neglected companion animals.
We are dedicated to providing humane care and shelter for abandoned, abused and unwanted animals, finding them suitable new homes, and increasing public awareness on the responsibilities of pet ownership throughout the tri state areas. We also work to save the lives of cats and dogs slated for euthanasia at Animal Control facilities and Shelters. Our goal is to rescue homeless and death row animals and provide them with permanent, suitable loving homes.

In 2006 I decided to started noticing rescue efforts online and began doing what I could through local networking to help their efforts. In 2009 after many months of helping my rescue friends network shelter pets I noticed that better pictures got more exposure and attention so I began going to my local animal shelter, which happened to be the Orange County Shelter, to take photographs of the urgent and in-need animals to network them in social media outlets like Facebook and Myspace. Our first death row dog rescue was Bambi, who lives with me as my constant companion and inspiration for Bambi’s Hope Rescue.

Our success has reached as far as Canada and Washington where adopters fell in love with a dog or cat through a photo, and before our eyes, we watched plans fall into place for the pull, transport and rescue of many animals who otherwise would have had no hope.

I hope to be able to reach out to other LA and Orange County shelters, to provide them with the necessary resources and additional tools to network and save many more lives. With the involvement of photographers, fosters, friends and other volunteers we can make a huge difference.

As an All Breed Dog and Cat Rescue, we rescue animals from local shelters that are high volume & high kill and also strays, and rescue animals from inadequate or abusive living conditions and provide them with permanent, suitable loving homes.  We make every effort to spread awareness about the injustices of animal experimentation as well as pet stores and puppy mills.

We operate without a physical facility or paid staff. Comprised of dedicated rescuers, volunteers and foster homes. We are a privately-funded organization, all financing comes from our own pockets, as well as contributions from fellow dog lovers. Our animals are in approved foster homes until a suitable adoptive home is found. We use a detailed application and interview process in an effort to make the best match between the animal and an adoptive home. If for some reason the adoptive animal does not work out in their new home, it is required that our animals be returned to us so that we can place them back with their dedicated foster parents to ensure they will never wind up abandoned or in the shelter system.

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